Packing Supplies

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Packing Supplies - What We Offer!

Packing Supplies  | The Space Place - Rialto, CA

The Space Place is here to offer help with how to pack your items in the most secure way. There is nothing worse than opening up a box that has been in storage and finding something broken or photos warped because they were not filed correctly.

Whether you want to store business items, such as documents, retail goods and electronics or personal belongings such as collectibles, antiques and clothing, we have the packing supplies you need to get started. We carry quality supplies to assist you in preserving valuable and delicate items. Listed below are a variety of materials and packing supplies we offer:

Quality Boxes in a Multitude of Sizes for Easy Stacking—Tip: stack with the oldest information on the bottom and try to keep the weight under 50 pounds.

Tape in Different Strengths to Reinforce the Bottom of Your Box—Tip: tape the top like the bottom in case the boxes fall over.

Clean Filler (Not Newspapers)—Because the print can transfer to your things. Other filler items are foam sheets, packing peanuts and cardboard dividers. Tip: fill your box full with filler to keep items from shifting around inside.

Regular And Waterproof Labels For Easy Reference—Tip: write clearly and affix labels on all sides of the box.

Different Size Markers To Write On Labels And Boxes—Tip: mark fragile on all sides of a box in large letters.

We also carry a limited supply of boards and pallets to raise your items off the floor for additional protection. Airtight packing will also help to keep your things safe.

The Space Place understands that security is optimal. You want to make sure that any documents and records you store are already backed up somewhere else. You can also use locked containers that are fireproof. Taking the right steps when you are storing your goods will allow your items to remain secure.

The packing supplies you choose may be the most important decision in a self storage facility. Make an appointment today with one of our storage managers.